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Risk Management And Quality Policy

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PO BOX Z5188

St George’s Terrace

PERTH  WA  6000

Phone: +61 8 9282 3254

Fax: +61 8 9282 3274

ABN 294 098 207 08



This business ensures that its customers receive the best possible

service at all times.


We understand that, in our role within the Tourism Industry, our responsibility is to set the highest example of good, honest business ethics.


We are committed to the principles of continuous improvement of the standard of services that we offer. In delighting our customers with those services we have helped to establish and maintain our high reputation in the industry, a reputation which we intend to maintain.


This Business is very well aware of its duty of care and responsibilities to all of its customers. With this in mind it promises to always be mindful of potential risks and hazards. We make the commitment to complete daily tasks safely and to be watchful for any problem which may arise.


Management and Staff are aware of their responsibilities, and have made the commitment to the Business not only to complete their daily tasks safely but also to be watchful for any problem, which may arise.


In the event of an accident or incident the details will be reported and recorded, with a view to preventing recurrence.



Quality Management

In keeping with our quality and risk management policy, we have devised the following management:

  • Obtain customers’ feedbacks by supplying a Customer Survey Form at the end of each tour.
  • If we do obtain a complaint, after analysis of the problem we will devise strategies and make amendments to our part as necessary.
  • Regularly review our customers’ service performance.
  • Incorporate new technologies to increase customers’ travel experience.
  • Following guidance under Tourism Council to improve operation procedures.


Risk Management

Risk management at Felicity Travel is done according to the principles of WorkSafe:

  • Spot the hazards
  • Assess the risk
  • Fix the problem
  • Evaluate results


Risk Management Policy

To identify safety and health hazards on a continuous basis, Management will follow these procedures to indentify the risks, assess the risks, install preventative measures or seek specialists for corrections.

  • Analyse task/work activities by breaking them in to sequence of steps so that hazards involved can be spotted.
  • Analyse how different tasks/work activities may interact to cause a hazard.
  • Record all hazards and risks identified on the Hazard and Risk Assessment form.
  • Ensure all incidents and injuries are recorded on an incident report form. At the time of a risk management assessment, all completed incident report forms are to be collated to ensure all hazards have been identified and preventative actions have been put in place.
  • Only use products that have been certified by the Australian Standards.
  • Install preventative action systems in place in accordance with the risk.


Getting Specialist Advice

Advice is available from Safety and Health Consultants. You can get assistance with selecting an occupational safety and heath specialist by phoning WorkSafe on (08) 9327 8777 or visiting and typing “consultant” in the search engine on the WorkSafe website.


Reporting Injuries

The Occpational Safety and Health Act 1984 requires employers to notify the WorkSafe Western Australia Commissioner of certain injuries and diseases involving their employees. Failure to do so immediately could lead to prosecution. The Occupational Safety and Health Regulations liss the types of injuries and diseases that ned to be reported, copies are available from the State Law Publisher on their website at



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