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Staff Policy

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PO BOX Z5188

St George’s Terrace

PERTH  WA  6000

Phone: +61 8 9282 3254

Fax: +61 8 9282 3274

ABN 294 098 207 08




Vacancies available

As Oz West Travel Travel’s business opportunity grows, permanent casual positions will become available in the following areas:

  • Coach Captain/Chauffeur
  • Office staff
  • Web specialist

Only potential applicants who meet the necessary skills, attitude and aptitude will be considered for employment with Oz West Travel. Interested people will need to first complete a recruitment application form followed by an individual assessment that includes an interview by the Operations Manager and a short-term on job training program of up to three months. The outcome of which will decide the suitability of the applicants.


Selection Criteria

  • Excellent communication and customer service skills.
  • Professional with benchmark achievement or experience.
  • Interested in meeting and talking to new people.
  • Good local product knowledge and interest in tourism activities in Western Australia.
  • Flexibility in availability of working hours, including weekend work.
  • Willingness to participate in on-going training and development of local product knowledge.
  • Willingness to commit to regular shifts.


Staff Induction Program

All employees must first attend a staff induction program. The main purpose of the induction program is to brief employees about the operations of Oz West Travel, familiarise them with policies and procedures.


Oz West Travel Commitment to Employees

  • Provide a Position Description to all respective staffs.
  • Provide each employee with a copy of Oz West Commute’s Policy & Procedures Manual.
  • Ensure that training will equip each staff with the confidence and skills they need to adequately perform their job.
  • Provide adequate resources ongoing training and familiarizations to enhance employees’ skills and product knowledge.
  • Provide a clear communication system between employees and customers.
  • Acknowledge the contributions and achievements of employees.
  • Provide a safe and healthy work environment in accordance with all relevant Occupational, Health and Safety standards.


Employees Commitment to Oz West Travel

  • Maintain work role in a professional manner at all times.
  • Wear appropriate work outfits that reflect professionalism.
  • Treat all customers the way you would like to be treated.
  • If you believe the information given by a colleague to be incorrect advise them of such, in a discreet manner, preferably not in front of any customers.
  • Assist with all customer enquiries.
  • Do not give out private information of any of the staff at Oz West Commute.
  • Be dependable, reliable and committed to working shifts.
  • Provide reasonable notice to Operation Manager of dates when unavailable throughout the year for holidays or other reasons.
  • Continue to develop product knowledge by attending organized familiarizations, checking notice boards, newsletters, brochures and attending organized training sessions.

Working Hours

Once an applicant has successfully completed their trial period, a permanent casual position will be allocated. The duration of a shift depends on the type of vacancies fulfilled by the applicants. It can range from a couple of hours up to 10 or more hours relevant to the duties required that of the position.

Temporary and casual staffs will receive prior notification of at least 2 hours before shift commencing. It can be in the form of a phone call, SMS notification or by email from the Operations Manager who is responsible for all staffs’ rosters.

In the event of a staff being unable to work a shift, it is their responsibility to notify the Operations Manager as soon as possible. It is the Operations Manager’s responsibility to find a replacement staff should the need arises.



All staffs at Oz West Travel should be punctual at all times. If an unforeseen situation arises whereby an employee is running late contact the Operations Manager immediately so alternative arrangements can be made. Coach Captains and Chauffeurs should arrive 15 minutes prior to any job commencement.


Uniforms & Names Badges

Male – dark pants, business shirt and tie.

Female – dark coloured pants and business wear



  • Maintain good personal hygiene and a professional image
  • Eating while in the presence of customers is considered impolite and thus not permitted. Coach Captains and Tour Leaders are exempt while on tour
  • Staff’s mobile phones should be turned to silent or vibrate. Please refrain from making personal calls unless it is an emergency.
  • The consumption of alcohol is strictly prohibited before and during an employee’s shift.




All employees of Oz West Travel should make regularly efforts in keeping up-to-date with new travel related information. Ways to refresh new information include:

  • The West Australians
  • Library under the history, travel and the Australiana section
  • Website

Daily Briefings

Daily briefings are to be held for employees before shift commencement. A five minute briefing is conducted by the Operations Manager which will stipulate the tasks to be completed for the day.

These briefings are essential as it inform staffs of what’s on and what’s happening for that particular day.  It also provides the employees with an opportunity to ask questions on any particular issue.

If the Operations Manager is to be away at the time, the employee should access the Scheduled Tasks Log that will contain the list of to dos.


Scheduled Tasks Log

Scheduled Tasks Log is an immediate reference of all the things due for the day. Staffs should refer to the log before job commencement.



All staffs are expected to familiarise themselves with the range of brochures available from Oz West Travel and affiliated companies.



All staffs must be aware of the official website for Oz West Travel and affiliated companies.


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