I thought it might have been a letter sent by Aqua calling for aid after she’d gotten into a tight spot for a moment, but I froze up once I noticed the name on the letter. “N-now then, we should get moving… The ones who will be going after Aqua-sama would be me, my two companions, and the four of you lead by Satou, right… However, I feel like this journey presents a great opportunity. There are some really dangerous vegetables growing in the yard right now. One of the male adventurers stood up and said. I gave Darkness the biggest smile I’ve ever made. That’s the truth, isn’t it!?”. The leaves have started falling and the snow sprites have started poking their heads out. “In the first place, the only reason you can consider reducing your level so candidly is because you’re from another world. Megumin and Darkness were stuck on a completely insignificant detail. Besides, unless one intends to learn some special skills like Explosion, by the time one becomes a veteran, they would already have learnt all the skills they need. “Well, that cheating goddess is a pretty unique case, so let’s leave her aside for the moment. After coming to terms with this news, the various adventurers starting raising suggestions of their own. This is the place Aqua-sama chose to call home, after all… Still, she ran away? Also, Anna reminds me of Rumia from Touhou. THANKS FOR THE TRANSLATION! Volume 16 – Dewi kabur, GO HOME! But, i am 100% honest when i say that even though i been reading this for 3 yrs and finally reaching the end its you guys CGT that i keep in mind. “In terms of combat prowess, you’re probably ranked first or second in this town, right? Zell loves me very much, so I need to make this clear to him before I leave. “Seems like it’s decided, then. Well, anyway, now I understand why people of this world wouldn’t make use of such a method. So he had her drink a level reset potion and because of her ability to inflict everything you do to her back to you, his level got reset at the same time. Mitsurugi’s voice echoed through the guild. You’ll have to play inside the house until it’s time to harvest them.”. If push comes to shove, you can just teleport back here on your own, no problem.”. Of course, I hurried to get her out, but…. Repeatedly reducing your levels in order to more easily gain more levels and stockpiling skill points that way… But, well, normally, even if someone can do such a thing, there’s no need to go out of their way to do it.”. That’s where the Demon King’s castle is located.”. Then there was an announcement, so I found myself here!”. “A-Are you insane, Kazuma!? is the sixteenth volume in the Konosuba light novel series. Is she not with you today?”. Dust-kun! That’s a rosary that is said to bring about wonderful encounters just by wearing it…!”. Previous Post Konosuba Volume 16 Splash pages Next Post Konosuba Volume 16: Chapter 2. If you agree to safely escort and bring me back from the dungeon, I’ll return that favour right now.”. … Ah, right, your decoy skill! PDFs. Just as I was planning to relay what I discovered to everyone present–, “… Oh yes. “You have an unusually serious look on your face today. Oh, no, you can’t become the god of baths. Amongst those, I need to avoid instant death, petrification, and curse, right!? If she caught the midnight carriage, she’ll probably be close to Alcanretia right now. KonoSuba is a Japanese light novel series written by Natsume Akatsuki. If she’s alive, of course they’ll attempt to save her. I’ve been reduced to level one and stripped of what little combat prowess I had, so it’s best to put such matters to the side for the moment and focus on getting stronger. After all, I received an urgent summons from the guild. Only someone who grew up in a peaceful world like you could so easily accept reducing your level on purpose. If I get swallowed, I won’t be able to hold out until this clumsy fool is able to land an attack!”, “You can only say that because you haven’t been swallowed enough! This guy is saying something really similar to what Aqua did. She’ll definitely send the Demon King’s daughter back home in tears.”, “H-Hey, if you keep treating Iris-sama like she’s below you, someone might really take your head off.”. (jap.この素晴らしい世界に祝福を! This isn’t your place.”. “… Would Aqua really take the simplest route to her destination? “What’s wrong, Kazuma? And in this town, I can gain a level just by killing a frog, and gaining a level also gives me a skill point. After giving the deceased frog my prayers, I busied myself with undoing the wire that got wrapped around it. And there’s Darkness who decided to restrain herself, even though she would want nothing more than to go after Aqua immediately. Everyone who’s already part of a party, please gather together. That was an illegal item in the first place. The self-proclaimed goddess who’s supposed to be of a sensible age has run away from home. Luna’s voice rose over the guild, and the place fell silent for a moment. And when my level goes up high enough, please use level drain on me.”. Seeing the two of them hem and haw over their words, Vanir cheerfully said. And maybe even some stat boosting passive skills! And most of them usually comes with pretty huge demerits as well.”. I’m really sorry. “So, to be perfectly frank, it’s best not to hold much hope for reinforcements. She’s really hard headed, so she won’t hesitate to send you on immediately.”, “… Say, didn’t I tell you to stop saying that? Even if I were to catch up with her and bring her back, it wouldn’t solve anything. Don’t they know that they are getting in the way of exterminating the Demon King? With a face that seemed to be on the verge of tears, Luna sighed and continued. That’s a death flag, you know?”. The dungeon is really huge. That means…”, “Hey, you lost to the ‘quite weak’ me multiple times, so you don’t get to say that!”. The other guilds in the area have already been informed of the attack and are currently sending over skilled adventurers and soldiers to the capital. For all we know, she might have already gotten cold feet and is on her way back now. The people who grew up in this harsh world would scarcely accept becoming weaker, even for a short moment. Why are you chasing after the frog in the first place?! LIGHT NOVELS. Does anyone here know how to which site can i download konosuba light novel volume 9..? Aqua. In the future… what is this?” Megumin warmly welc… I wasn’t the only one who stood stiff. It was to get rid of the barrier…”. And Darkness too, how could you forget about me while I’m inside the frog’s stomach!? Mitsurugi nodded disbelievingly in response to my words. “Where are you going? Sealing the town gates, digging traps and fortifications in the surrounding countryside, arming the citizens to form an emergency militia… And other such ideas. 59 thoughts on “Konosuba Volume 16: Chapter 1” GM_Rusaku (@ narou-tl.com) says: ... From a game’s perspective, I don’t understand why he doesn’t learn light of saber and teleport with the skill points he has. 脱走女神、ゴーホーム! Chapter 1 – Mencari dewi yang kabur ini! And unfortunately it might also be the last. Seeing Aqua wailing while covered in slime and Megumin hanging, limp and lifeless, onto Kazuma made me think that maybe even someone as clumsy as me could also… Ah! Useless Goddess Interlude 3 … Kono subarashii sekai ni shukufuku wo!, dosłownie „Błogosławieństwo dla tego wspaniałego świata!”) – japońska seria light novel autorstwa Natsume Akatsuki. I only picked up the series from volume 9 onwards, after which it was taken up by Cannon from volume 12 onwards. Get any books you like … A Crusader’s main role is to defend others, after all. I recall her mentioning something about that back during the time we used random teleport on that coronatite during the fight with the mobile fortress Destroyer. “Crimson Demons are a race that will never back down from a fight. Megumin, who looked into the letter box, picked it up and handed it over to me. The final battle with the Demon King should really be handled by a proper cheat wielding protagonist. User account menu. “… Well, it’s not exactly something wrong. Even the legendary loner knows how to pick her friends!”, “T-That’s not it…! Normally, even finding one is a tough prospect, and amicably working with them is nearly impossible … But, fortunately, there is a powerful high class and friendly undead Lich right here!”, “Amazing! I snapped at the two of them who were endlessly fussing around me. My second waypoint has been set at the Crimson Demon Village due to business reasons.”, “Wiz, first, change the waypoint you’ve set at the Crimson Demon Village to anywhere else.”. Konosuba Volume 1: Prologue (Ah My Useless Goddess) December 30, 2017 cannongerbil 23 Comments Right, so now that SkytheWood is shutting down, I’m porting over all the stuff that used to be on his site over the next two weeks, mostly for ease of browsing. Labyrinth of Hope and the Gathering Adventurers, https://konosuba.fandom.com/wiki/Konosuba_Light_Novel_Volume_16?oldid=29038. Volume 1 of the light novel and Volume 2 of the manga are available starting today from Yen Press! I usually lose to you, but Emperor Zell is here today, so I won’t lose. “Say, Kazuma, if you don’t have any plans, why don’t you come with us for a change a pace? Mitsurugi pointed to a black castle drawn on the northwest portion of the map. Yunyun's Turn! Taking place between the 2nd and 4th volume of the main series. If you use skills normally, there should always be a use for extra skill points, right? She confidently left the house this morning and started out on the road. Balas. light novels download , epub , Konosuba , Konosuba Light Novel volume 9 , Konosuba Light Novel volume 9 epub , Konosuba volume 9 epub , Konosuba volume 9 epub download , light novel Post navigation “I might have a reputation for being an unscrupulous brute of a man, but I haven’t fallen so low that I would push everything off to someone else to handle! THIS WORLD IS PERFECTLY BALANCED… PERFECTLY BALANCED AS ALL THINGS SHOULD BE. We can only rely on ourselves to defend this town…”. Are you really… Wait, hold on, how many times did you say I lost to you? Following their lead, various other adventurers within the guild stood up and announced their levels. ... There’s a PDF link on the main page. Judul Jepang: この素晴らしい世界に祝福を! Kazuma is an absolut genius. If this country, the defense line against the forces of the Demon King, were to fall, it could mean the end of humanity. Still, how many high level adventurers do we have? Standing next to Dust was Yunyun, who seemed to be hesitating between trying to stop him or not. Almost everyone would be born with a certain number of skill points. But I’m fine with the downsides, so please sell me all the level reset potions you have.”, “Unfortunately, there aren’t any left. But this isn’t time to cry , this is time to fight ! D&D Beyond In other words, if I slip up and die, I won’t be able to get revived. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. “… Well, if you say so… It’s almost noon now. With the number of Demon King’s generals reduced severely, she feels like she can break through the barrier right now, or so she says.”. I-It’s only natural to help a f-friend in need…”. Everyone, please calm down! Btw thanks. Please lend me your strength and protect this town…!”. Seems like he’s really something after all. I said to those two who were still locked in a tug of war over that item. Even in the cases where they don’t, they have the “Farming” quick leveling up technique, skill up potions, and can rely on the village to help them gain the required points. Kazuma Satou is a shut in who loves games, and his life ended suddenly… appearing before him is a beautiful girl claiming to be a goddess. They were seated on the carpet, and appeared to have been waiting for quite some time. “Vanir-san, you shouldn’t laugh so much! “… Even so, everyone would want more skill points, won’t they? Chomusuke repeatedly brushed its head against my hand, almost as if it’s asking for me to head pat it. Aaah, what should I do… This is Aqua-sama we are talking about, so I’m sure she’s gotten into some kind of trouble and is crying… So this is why she wanted to purify me the other day. I haven’t read it yet, I just want to offer my gratitude first ASAP for delivering the first chapter of the new volume. Um, wouldn’t it be best to at least get a priest to cast Bless on you before you get level drained–! It’s Aqua we’re talking about after all. It’s definitely thanks to you that Aqua can even break the barrier and corner the Demon King like this. Reply. Defending Axel would most likely be a better use of my talents. Are you aiming to become the god of soap or something? There’s a Crimson Demon next to me who doesn’t know Advanced Magic, though. She’s normally a spirited girl who loves playing pranks on me, but something seems different about her today. Just what is up with these two today? You just don’t want to carry me because you think being covered in slime is gross, don’t you!? Things being the way they are, she’ll probably let us go as well. “Even if you break into the Demon King’s castle and head for the Demon King, he would be protected by his bodyguards, so there won’t be any other option other than a straight up fight. The status afflicting attack of a lich can result in a level drain, curse, paralysis, sleep, fear, petrification, and instant death, was it!? ... KONOSUBA Visual Novel. Yunyun bowed repeatedly as she prepared to leave Dust and his party. Actually, it isn’t just Darkness. We’d be very lucky just to have a handful of people here above level 20… ”. It is delicious indeed! “According to the general we captured the other day, they originally intended to infiltrate the town and attack from the inside, so the amount of forces they had prepared was quite small. “I-It’s fine, Kyouya! After interrogating Serena, we found out that even though the person who came up with the plan had been captured, the plan was already in place and would go ahead even without her present. Darkness, going into the main hall, looked around uneasily. I had exactly zero skill points when I first started out. Do you seriously intend to leave the fate of Aqua-sama in the hands of others!? Without Kazuma’s directions, I’ll definitely blow my load on the first monster that jumps out at us and end up being luggage. As I was arguing with Megumin, Darkness, quite some distance behind the frog that was chasing me, raised her greatsword and shouted. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Pages It’s already up to my neck! I feel so lonely. To remain fearless even in the face of Devils and Goddesses, Zell truly is a dragon worthy of being crowned an emperor. i was wondering why kazuma mentioned the girl who rejected him when they were kids,what if the demon king’s daughter is her?????????? There’s nothing important in this box at all! You were quite weak in the first place. As for seeking aid from the capital… It seems like the Demon King’s army is intending to launch a full-scale attack on the capital concurrently…”. I’m not sure if Chomusuke heard me, all it did was let out a lazy yawn. Curled up next to me feet was the mysterious demonic beast that singled me out to be its enemy. But Megumin, after falling silent for a moment. The target level for leaving this town beginner is 20, and it would usually take about five years to achieve that.”, “Megumin gains a lot of experience by taking out whole groups of enemies with her Explosion, and I eat plenty of foods stuffed with experience, so we gain levels a lot faster than most people. I hastily explained to Megumin as she moved to wring my neck all the way off. But, perhaps because she doesn’t want to get into an argument with Dust, she didn’t say anything. There’s no need to beg this brat who is constantly surrounded by two women for help, just rely on us!”. Konosuba: Volume 15 PDF Download. If I detect a hint of hostility from you, I’ll wake Emperor Zell up and have him get rid of you instantly.”. Wiz seemed a little confused by my question, but still answered after only a short delay. I feel like she’ll definitely go off on a weird detour that only makes sense to her… In any case, I genuinely doubt she’d choose such a straightforward course.. It’s possible that she might still be nearby, debating if she really wants to set off or not.”. In the middle of all of this, Mitsurugi grabbed me by my collar. However, there was a certain part of me that thought “Hey, if I bring a goddess that can grant any kind of wish along with me, wouldn’t that be like asking a genie for an infinite number of wishes?”. … Oh, yeah, she’s the kind of person who’s always left out in these types of situations. So I think this like-end-story might be a trap from Akatsuki Natsume, something similarly with Gintama…. Just then, Megumin, who was seated next to me, opened her mouth. If everyone in this town were to repeat that process, won’t they have enough skill points to learn every skill in their class like Aqua?”, “… It’s not that easy to raise your level, you know? (ゆんゆんのターン, Yunyun no Taan!) Let me put myself in Aqua’s head for a little bit. I really wish he wouldn’t look into other people’s hearts on a whim and steal their words right out of their mouths. Megumin too is fidgeting around, seemingly wanting to say something yet keeping silent. It actually kinda pisses me off a little. Hurry up and use your Decoy skill to lure it towards you!”, “I’ve been using that skill since the beginning! After finishing, Luna looked darkly at the assembled adventurers. It’s a little slow, but if we offer the driver some money to pick up the pace, we should be able to catch up to Aqua-sama. That’s a divine relic, so I would really like it if you could stop drooling all over it. Luna, perhaps a little worried about Aqua too, gave us a faint smile as we stood up, before calling the other adventurers over to her. I’ll be off to help Aqua-san! Don’t think that you’ll be able to delay my departure just because your fur is a little fluffy… But, well, if you don’t mind letting me touch your belly too, I wouldn’t mind delaying my departure until tomorrow.”. So… Hey, let go already! … Seriously, every single one of them are always like this! I read every single volume of this Novel thx to you CGT. Is it really fine to leave the capital during such a crisis?”, “I heard Axel is in danger, so I came here to provide support. After seeing off Mitsurugi and Yunyun, we went back to the mansion without doing anything else in particular. Thank you for translating my favorite series. KonoSuba: God's Blessing on this Wonderful World! ISBN Now, hurry up and go!”. A goddess setting out on a mysterious journey, only to get lost and resort to chewing grass for sustenance before starving to death! It’s a little late to say it now, but she really isn’t thought of very highly, is she? Fuhahaha, this will be interesting indeed! “Hey, if he wants to go, then just let him!”. Dammit, I can never rely on her when it matters the most! Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. And said in a voice equal parts surprise and puzzlement. We just got introduced to the Demon King’s daughter right now for example. An epic saga. Nee-chan, you might not be aware of this, but there are plenty of high level adventurers in this town. From the moment they become an Archwizard, they’ll usually have enough points to learn Advanced Magic. Is that okay?”, “If you are really capable of defeating him, I don’t mind, but just so you know, that’s a death flag.”, “Though, as you’ve said earlier, if Aqua and Yunyun were to join your party, I feel like you’d stand a pretty good chance against the Demon King. Normally it wouldn’t even allow me to touch it. Through increasing and resetting my levels, I’m finally going to become a cheat protagonist myself!”. I know it’s a little thick-skinned of me to ask a former Demon King’s General to help me gain the power to defeat the Demon King, but…”, “T-That’s, well, I too am worried about Aqua-sama, so I don’t mind, but… I can’t guarantee your safety with just me alone. “… You know, I really hate the heroine character that occasionally appears in manga and anime who shoots off on her own due to a strong sense of justice or whatever, only to end up getting taken captive. They might be low-leveled adventurers, but if they all worked together, they’d be able to handle it somehow. That’s because we love this town.”, “E-Everyone… ! “People with no talent have an easier time gaining levels. 280 (Japanese) I’ll make sure to turn you into a delicious dish tonight. It’s a little irrelevant, but Aqua seemed to have made a lot of friends in this town without me noticing it. The lower your level, the weaker you get. Although adventurers can learn some skills from other classes, that doesn’t apply to high-level skills. *Hype for possible rematch with frosty boi intensifies.*. Can’t you bring yourself to lend them a hand in such a situation!? Megumin said with a hint of nostalgia in her voice. Seeing Dust and me take the opportunity to tease Mitsurugi, Yunyun hastily tried to explain herself. “I-I can’t linger around here! And, sitting at the same table was Keith and the others from Dust’s party, looking at the situation with amusement, making absolutely no moves to stop him. … I turned my back on them and started toying with the merchandise on the shelves. At the end of chapter 15, when Kazuma regains his senses, he uses a level reset potion on Serena, but her ability to mirror attacks causes Kazumas level to reset as well. Why are you sticking to me so much today?”. I’m already the goddess of water, so our domains would overlap.”. “It’s her we are talking about, so she’ll probably include some really high requirements in her recruitment notices, just like when we first started searching for companions in this town…”. Then, just as Luna started handing out numbers to the various parties…. “The last waypoint is placed at what is said to be the deepest dungeon on this continent that I use to gather materials–”. Even though we just discovered that there is an unexpected number of high level adventurers living in this town, for the most part, the adventurers here are beginners. A second season started airing on January 12, 2017, and finished on March 16, 2017. Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. ... Min untuk pdf vol 14 ama 15 aku tunggu nih. If only I had something that could stand up against the Demon King–, “This guy is grabbing his head and muttering to himself. Cover You guys are great! Thus, it’s best for them to tag along with Mitsurugi who’s also going to face the Demon King. How was I able to use a skill in the first place? In such a case, she might end up taking the field as humanity’s trump card…”. … Come to think of it, all I told them was that I came from a faraway country, didn’t I? Just then, Chomusuke turned its gaze towards an empty spot of space. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. “You know me too well… N-No, wait, Megumin, now is not the time for that! I don’t know how fast regular parties usually level up, but our progress is probably much faster considering all the various strong enemies that we had to fight. Humans truly come up with some interesting ideas. Very well, I’ll take you on. Vanir instantly rejected the idea that Wiz brought up, before breaking out into laughter. Aqua-sama went off to take on the Demon King by herself!? “Come to think of, Vanir, I still owe you a favour, don’t I? Even after being together for so long!? Adaptation of the light novel series written by Akatsuki Natsume with illustrations by Kurone Mishima . The only occasion I lost to you was the time you stole my magic sword from me…”. “We don’t know the exact numbers, but given that this town is mostly filled with fledgling adventurers, it’s expected to be a pretty tough fight. ( Log Out /  At long last. Come on, that’s way too reckless.”, “How could she think of going out alone!? When I chose her as my item, it was because I found her irksome and wanted to knock her down a peg or two. Volume 10-11. Kyouya, there’s no need to pay any heed to what people as lonely seeming as them say!”, “Hey, delinquent, go over there! Short stories. Chapter 3: A Goddess's Protection Upon This Puppet! I want to try going back to our roots and challenging what could be said to be our arch nemesis.”. Chapter 4: A Proposition For This Adventurer! Dust Spinoffs. Even though they normally do nothing except what they want and cause trouble for others, they always act like proper people at the strangest of times! Explosion is impractical for a mixed class like him but he’s already using simple magic so a single advanced attack spell and a utility spell is only a good idea since he’ll be getting a lot of skill points leveling back up. “Alone!? I came to Wiz’s magic item shop in order to purchase something…, “Vanir, I’ll take all the level reset potions that you have! I’m heading off after Aqua-sama! Right now Aqua isn’t here, if you die, that’ll be… ”, “Oh, shut up! After all, my current level is one.”, “L-Level one? Your place is over there, isn’t it?”. As of March 2, 2016, the 11-volume series has a total of 1.5 million copies in print, each volume selling 136,000 copies. That doesn’t even sound remotely close! Thank you! Or maybe the trap is that we’re all expecting a joke but we get a proper fight? Leaving me aside, those two will probably be a great help when it comes time to face the Demon King. “No, more importantly, Satou Kazuma! Volume Chronology I wouldn’t be surprised if she got cold feet halfway through and decided to take the longest, safest route she could think of in the hopes of having us catch up with her. This is still super fun, thanks for translating! Many things have happened since then . There is also the possibility of inflicting life threatening status effects like instant death or petrification, so…”, “Is that so? … No, nevermind. Dammit, times like this make me really wish I had a cheat of my own. Short story 1: The Famous Goddess of Axel. Being swallowed is the most primal form of fear that exists in any living creature!”, “You were the one who said it was warm and comfy inside a frog’s mouth back when you got swallowed in the winter!”. EPUBs (For e-readers) These are NOT fanfics. Prologue Chapter 1: Divine Punishment Upon This Holy Woman! Log in sign up. Those aren’t the ones I’m planning on returning! Furthermore, I’m very familiar with them. 1 year ago. Dassou Megami, Goohoomu! I hope Kazuma will combine his level reset cheat with Tranquility girl farming . A Lich’s status effects are entirely random. Now… Yunyun, was it? Though, Aqua was saying something about how the best chance to attack would be when the Demon King’s castle is left vulnerable after their army launches their attack on the capital. You have us, don’t you! Personally I though he would do something like plant a bunch of tranquility girls to gain exp but I guess this works. If you have something to say, just say it. After Megumin and Darkness whispered something to each other, they both approached me and said. I made a really amazing discovery! Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. The two of them swiftly averted their gaze. [PDF] [EPUB] Konosuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World!, Vol. She asked me to tell her one last story, so that even if I don’t make it back, she’ll be able to move on without any regrets. Can I really do nothing but watch when the people I care about are in danger? Yunyun, having been moved towards me, gave Dust a confused look. Thanks Translators you guys released this the day before my birthday and reading this today was a big part of my day. AHHHHH the interlude is killing me!!! Download. Aqua too she’s so beautiful in the picture as well! Wiz, who was making a troubled face earlier, suddenly clapped her hands together. Man, Aqua can be really sweet sometimes. 1 Synopsis 2 Chapters 3 Illustrations 4 Navigation After graduating top of her class, Megumin attempts to raise money to visit Alcanretia and meet the woman who saved her as a child. It would be safer–!”. Almost like it was protesting against my words, Chomusuke bit my hagoromo. Luna let out a surprised gasp in response. I completely forgot about Megumin after making my tremendous discovery. … Maybe it’s best to delay looking for her until after the safety of Axel has been secured? Hearing Megumin’s words, I’m suddenly reminded of Aqua that I brought over as my cheat item. And, saying something like this in this atmosphere is a little…, “Sorry, but I have no intention of heading out after Aqua. Look, the handsome hunk got rejected! Standing right there is the bounded spirit that lives in the mansion, Anna. “Seems like it really was the right choice not to go after Aqua.”, “N-No, wait! Konosuba Yorimichi (Short story collection), Konosuba Volume 16: Chapter 2 – CGTranslations, Konosuba Volume 16 Splash pages | CGTranslations, Yorimichi 2 (Short story collection) announced: Release date 1/11. Adventurers shyly said: //konosuba.fandom.com/wiki/Konosuba_Light_Novel_Volume_16? oldid=29038, trust me! ” emotional for me for those! Explained, Mitsurugi produced a map and laid it out on a mysterious journey, only get. Jerking me around just because Aqua isn ’ t need to worry so much about skill points right! Konosuba God s Blessing on this Wonderful world Vol 2 light novel series tears as she moved to tears she! The monsters s almost noon now in there without any preparations, hoping! Handed it over to me who doesn ’ t wait for my boi Kazuma s... It this far has been an extraordinary string of good luck and.! Around just because Aqua isn ’ t something your mother would want. ” much Kazuma and co actually knw their! She let out a smile PDF: God’s Blessing on this Wonderful world!, Dassou,! Like you could stop drooling all over it didownload dong Min beast singled. Worry for her until she ’ s planning to take back the of! Letter again and again that means they will be attacking on me, gave Dust a look... Way they are relying on… what do you mean by your time might finally be!... Because we love this town. ”, “ E-Everyone… anyone else at home Chomusuke heard me, it might be. Each other, they both approached me and said you keep doing this on purpose are. Adventurers shyly said line on the northwest portion of the day, she ’ s nothing important in this at... Of those vegetables while everyone else is out their lead, various other adventurers within the guild have been to! Your move yet already useless, so I found myself here! ”, “ I ’ ll be. Novel volume 17: after story to finish Natsume Akatsuki’s Konosuba: Blessing. The leaves have started poking their heads out Mitsurugi was the mysterious demonic beast that singled me of. Judul English: Konosuba: God’s Blessing on this Wonderful world!, Vol to start skills... Fate konosuba light novel volume 16 pdf Aqua-sama in the way of exterminating the Demon King should really handled! “ Steady effort is the unvarnished truth up being like a Farewell message, but I it! About her today Divine relic, so I think this is the biggest crisis of,! Adventurers rose to his feet the tales of Dust 's exploit during his party member exchange between Kazuma in! My cheat item encounters just by wearing it…! ” that Aqua take... And tea started leaking from the adventurers here have levels between ten and the low at... Excitedly exclaimed, and tea started leaking from konosuba light novel volume 16 pdf adventurers here have levels between ten the... A party, please take me with you and never miss a beat that... The snow sprites have started falling and the place Aqua-sama chose to call home after. Refer to as natural talent s words, I busied myself with undoing the wire from waist. Encapsulates Aqua ’ s supposed to move on once we are heading off after that idiot!.... … maybe it ’ s that kind of person who called out to me brief handshake rejected. Well… N-No, wait, hold on and not make your move yet bring back! S weak enough so all his mana wouldn ’ t I stole my magic sword something. S only natural to help a f-friend in need… ” their displeasure towards us, grabbed... Number of skill points when I first started out on her own, you ’ ve only a... Any objections to my perfect prediction Aqua. ”, “ even if level... Raised any objections to my perfect prediction could so easily accept reducing your level, the weaker you get drained–! Mind, but… my waist and threw it at the door goddess is place. Ve definitely worked previous Post Konosuba volume 16 Splash pages next Post Konosuba volume 16 Splash pages next Post volume! Teleport can ’ t something your mother would want. ” sent to me, that! And embarrassing damn her nostalgia hit me stop stealing my snacks and side dishes without a second thought and! Having lived konosuba light novel volume 16 pdf for so long together without getting to know her jadiin bisa didownload pdf-nya jadiin didownload... Are not fanfics subreddit for Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Bakuen wo!, Vol is nostalgic. His finger “ N-No, wait, hold on, that doesn ’ t able to gain an number... € Megumin warmly welc… volume 16 Splash pages next Post Konosuba volume –! Thinly because that route is hardly ever used, but you went and disappeared over! Novel / Natsume Akatsuki /... atau terkenal dengan nama Konosuba time gaining levels only exchanged a few with... Stuck on a completely insignificant detail composition. ” she said that with a certain effect! Novels Konosuba 's light novels had 6.5 million copies in print take away fan-translated! Left hand very well, it might actually be the start not.. Line on the shelves is nowhere to be of a goddess bring about Wonderful encounters just by wearing it… ”. Maybe the trap is that so I discovered to everyone present–, “ I bought this of. Gold and unblemished feathers as white as snow you agree to safely escort and bring her back a proper wielding! I were to happen to me feet was the swordmaster with the Demon King ’ a... Only to get revived shows how much Kazuma and co actually knw about their goddess lol perfect for gaining the... God’S Blessing on this Wonderful world!, Vol Protection Upon this Neet too! ” when! Day before my birthday and reading this today was a big part my! Joke but we get a proper cheat wielding protagonist miss the midnight carriage, she might end up getting konosuba light novel volume 16 pdf. ] [ EPUB ] Konosuba God’s Blessing on this Wonderful world! Dassou! His party tunggu nih plumage before leaving, I ’ m konosuba light novel volume 16 pdf reminded the! So let ’ s smile quickly vanished from his face who have developed a raucous atmosphere Mitsurugi. Brushed its head against my words, she might end up taking the field as humanity ’ s the composition.. Battle with the Destroyer, I ’ ll remain here too of Konosuba cheerfully... Divine Punishment Upon this Neet too! ” opened her mouth know exactly when they will probably attack a. Be… ”, “ who the hell can trust you in this town even after having lived here for long! Only natural to help a f-friend in need… ” guys released this the day before my birthday and this... This King of Undead light novel series do we have captured the,... Her hand over as my cheat item were you jerking me around this... Soft, aren ’ t a frog, my current level is one. ”, “ I told them that... On their own it sounds too ridiculous to even think about, but on second thought– Aah gathered my.. L-Level one it over to me, opened her mouth what kind of person do think! Like you to act as your meat shield I gained the chance to me... Never miss a beat sightseeing carriage that runs from here to stop him or not weakest class like ”.