Natural sandstone flags or original encaustic tiles (above) go with period properties, blue-black slate works well with slate roofs, while York stone or dark grey granite setts marry well with houses made of red brick (try CED Stone or Bradstone at Simply Paving for paving ideas). The only element we planted here are the two Malus hupehensis crab apple trees on either side of the gate. MORE: HOW TO UPDATE YOUR GARDEN ALFRESCO STYLE USING A BLUE PALETTE. They also planted some daffodils, which I have since replaced with tulips. These will need less maintenance than a small patch of lawn, but they will need some care. Perfect for providing autumn colour. We mow it. Many of these front door flower pots use up-cycled items to make a display that is truly unique. And if I paint my shed, it’ll also last longer…. And over the sixteen years we’ve lived here, it has continued to blossom and flourish with minimal input from me. Another great way of smartening up the exterior is with smart window shutters – although they don't come cheap! Climbing plants and wall shrubs cover walls, fences, unsightly features, arches, obelisks and pergolas. Our front garden has been amazingly low maintenance. Subscribe to the Good Housekeeping newsletter. From old milk cans to fruit baskets to antique chairs, anything can be turned into a planter with a bit of creativity and gumption!These designs look great all year long; just switch out the plants to change your home’s look with the season. The back wall of our house is covered in summer with Parthenocissus Henryiana or Chinese virginia creeper. Always find out what that involves. 16. I did see a post suggesting that you buy plants in flower and drop them into your ornamental pots without re-potting them. Once again, all surfaces will need some maintenance. But low hedges…, The 8 best perfect-for-privacy garden trees, Do you need trees for privacy? Complement your house in by linking it visually with the front garden path – neutral materials work best. Only one or two colours as well as green. You’ll end up with a tangle of climbers all needing to be pruned at different times. That will help improve air quality and benefit wildlife. And they can help protect your house from wind, hot or cold, depending on which trees you choose and how you place them. There’s always a blackbird family and the sparrows argue over space in the spirea and viburnum. So trees will need some pruning of wayward or dying branches. It is also worth thinking about your weather, climate and which way your house faces. It’ll cheer up the neighbourhood, too – your front garden is part of everyone’s walk home. I’m not an experienced gardener so don’t always understand what plants will be able to grow here. People used to think that wildlife gardens or environmentally friendly gardens had to look untidy. Trees are very low maintenance. Popular plants are: clematis, roses, wisteria and honeysuckle. This small plants decor should be an excellent supply of calmness for mind. Here you go.The following plants are quite varied but share two things. They also seem to stay fairly healthy – check whether the roses you choose are reasonably resistant to black spot, mildew or rust. Front garden with slate paving and chippings, planted with hostas, grasses, irises and climbing roses. And in October, when the roses’ flowers are beginning to slow down, the pink nerines come out, getting lots of compliments. But now there’s increasing evidence that the right climbers, grown properly, can help protect the house from heat, cold and wind. Choosing a Plant for Front Entrances. Definitely a great idea to have a tree, they are so good for the environment and add scale and vertical interest to a front garden. They look smart, but don’t forget that every surface will need some care. Links to Amazon are affiliate which means I may get a small fee when you click on them, but I only recommend books, tools and products I really believe you will like. I would like to know what kind of plant to plant in front, side, or back of my house. We’ve added blue with the Nepeta, which is pretty, but is a little more work. There are a number of salvaged and attractive planters offered for use in your front door. And many of these shingle, slate and pebble front gardens are only just being installed. First impressions are everything, and what your home looks like from the outside could say a lot about what it may look like on the inside. So it’s a question of balance when planning at low maintenance front garden. That includes leaves in autumn and pet poo from foxes or neighbourhood cats. You’ll still have to look after it. Your email address will not be published. And people often believe they’ll damage the house in some way. Tip: Nerines are a plant that dislikes disturbance. It’s worth checking whether plants are ‘good for pollinators’ when you buy them. Our front garden is buzzing with several different kinds of bees, including ground-dwelling bees in the lawn. Fake lawn is lower maintenance but does require some care. Many front gardens locally have covered their front planting areas in pebbles, slate, gravel or shingle. Shrub roses, also called landscape roses, make a lovely addition to your front entrance. They will certainly be lower maintenance in the first few years. It’s fine without them, I think. Neither are entirely necessary, although the Nepeta makes a beautiful contrast in high summer. Your installers will add a drainage bar at the bottom of your path or driveway. For example, getting rid of your wall and having a hedge instead will improve air quality, help prevent flash flooding and offer a wildlife habitat. I’ve never had pots in this front garden. My house faces west and gets morning sun in front. Small trees need very little maintenance. MORE: HOW TO MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR HALLWAY. Gravel is NOT low maintenance. Tiny Front Garden They also have good rose hips in winter. So stone is expensive but long-lasting. So they do require some maintenance. Make the stress-free choice by learning about the best and worst trees to plant near a house below. I think you perhaps shouldn’t worry about ‘balance’ or symmetry as it’s not possible. I can say that because I had no part in its design. If you forget (we did), then it’s very hard work to dig up a huge clump. One of the main features of your garden is that it is symmetrical. Our predecessors lined the path and the fence with roses. Plastic or petroleum-based products are used in the manufacture of fake turf. Beneficial for your well-being– The calming effect of vibrant colours and vigorou… It’s open during Whitstable Open Gardens every year for the NGS. Mr Middlesize also takes a dandelion weeder to the lawn before he mows it. I’m often asked for recommendations, so I have pulled together the products I use on the Middlesized Garden Amazon store. And don’t buy several different types, especially if they need different pruning times. But you’ll only have to do that once a year or even less often. Or you can do what we do. If you prefer to see a video, here is the link to the Middlesized Garden YouTube channel’s Low Maintenance Front Garden Tips. Create rounded borders along your pathway, plant a back bone of evergreen balls like yew or box and run alongside it with your favourite flowering plant. Plant them three quarters of their eventual height away from the house. But these don’t add impact to the garden. Here are some of the most adorable hanging front door planter ideas to keep you inspired. Plant them in … A row or group of the same plants looks really effective and is easy to look after, provided you choose the right plants. Our house is East-facing and gets very hot on summer mornings. And in June, the roses lining the path and fence flower effusively. Unauthorised use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this site’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Use them to enjoy tranquillity and comfort as well as to have a feature that you’ll be proud to show off. Inexpensive annuals are easy to establish, and they make good fillers when your bulbs, perennials or flowering shrubs stop blooming. In the garden of Henrietta Courtauld's 1850s London terraced house, yew balls surround the main bed, which is planted with vegetables, Melianthus major and Hydrangea arborescens 'Annabelle'.Among the small but thriving vegetable garden is room for a small shed which works as a studio space. Like this? 8 steps to the long thin garden of your dreams, Two years ago Emma and Mel moved to a house in Whitstable with a long thin garden. Don't neglect the exterior walls of your house; a fresh lick of paint can make all the difference and will also protect your home against weather damage. It is wildlife friendly because it was designed to flower for as much of the year as possible. The best long-sleeve dresses to buy right now, The best letterbox Christmas trees to send, The best luxury Christmas crackers for 2020. Plants that support positivity give your home a karmic boost when placed in your wealth or prosperity corner. The only truly successful plants we have added to our front garden is two Malus hupehensis (Crab apple trees) on either side of the front gate. But it can also take a couple of years before they really show off, so give them time. One thing you might consider on a slope is to visit or look at rock gardens and see if you can get inspiration from there. The biggest issue in towns and cities is the paving over of front gardens to turn them into parking spaces. The companies selling the stones, pebbles or shingle may not be completely straightforward about this. 'Climbing roses and wisteria are … A more affordable option could be using window film; it's a great alternative to frosted glass, providing privacy without blocking sunlight. This particular shrub is small in form and usually blooms in the spring season while reaching the maximum size of 2.5′ in height and 3.5′ in width. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at, Kate Garraway says gardening gives her hope, Patio ideas for creating an oasis of calm, 10 gardening trends predicted to be huge in 2021, How to make your garden a butterfly paradise, How to get started with organic gardening, 13 garden mirrors for your home's outdoor space, Good Housekeeping, Part of the Hearst UK Fashion & Beauty Network. Every winter I remove one or two branches if they aren’t growing in the right direction. Painting the front door is arguably the quickest and easiest way to give your home a fresh look, but there are other ways too. He points out that anything that lands on it will have to be cleared away by you. In sixteen years, it has deteriorated as a lawn. A pretty canopy above the front door will not only provide an elegant covered entrance and frame the entrance to your home, it will also allow for rainwater to fall sideways and not directly down onto the front door step. Choose plants with different flowering seasons. How close can you plant trees to a house, anyway? In a few years time, we shall find out if they have significant long-term disadvantages. Dragonflies and Red Admiral butterflies flutter across our front path in summer. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Ivy grows more slowly and needs very little attention, but it can pull down guttering if you let it get out of hand. Neither seem right. There are also legal restrictions on impermeable paving, which you need to check for your area. Dramatic 0.61 - 0.91 m dark purple blooms have yellow and green throats. A friend planted them from a pip in 2010 and gave them to me in small pots. They really have a presence, and I have spotted Instagram posts of them framing the front door. The nerines are in the background. Find out how to plant sedums. Colour theme it. But sprucing up the front of your home needn't be an expensive or time-consuming operation. If you have a low maintenance front garden, the chances are that you’ll hardly ever do any digging, so it’s a brilliant spot for nerines. This alone creates a valuable resource for bees or pollinating insects. Thank you. During a heat wave, the rooms protected by the creeper are noticeably cooler than those without climbers on the outside walls. 10 easy care evergreen pots for year round impact, For the next six months, the evergreen pots in my garden will create almost all the structure and impact. Sometimes it’s a question of trial and error and you may find some plants do surprisingly well in shade, but others don’t. For fast curb appeal, pop them into containers, hanging baskets or window boxes for splashes of color. However, a solid continuous driveway or path also means that water has nowhere to go when it rains. Here are six simple ways to create instant curb appeal... An easy and straightforward way to smarten up your front door and bring it to life is with small trees in pots. Shrubs and trees also create habitat for birds. Builders and decorators don’t like working around them. According to traditional Feng Shui methods, this means the southeastern corner of your home, or by Western methods, the back left corner of your home (when facing the front door). It’s triangular in shape. And they make great sense of a slope. Perhaps you have a neighbour’s window over-looking your garden?…, Privacy Policy - Terms & Conditions - Disclosure Policy, © 2020 The Middle-Sized Garden - Gardening Blog. You could punctuate this with a few taller, ‘see-through’ plants dotted throughout, such as grasses. And they planted three pairs of shrubs on either side – spirea, viburnum and another larger rose. Having removed the holly we were thinking of putting back in a flowering tree (such as Prunus x Subhirtella and perhaps an Acer Palmatum but after that I’m stumpted. Purple d'Oro Reblooming Daylily Compact habit is great for edging. Marigolds, petunias, … I think it’s a good idea to look for plants that say that plants will do well in shade or partial shade as North-facing means your drive will get less sun than most gardens. These Rosa ‘Bonica’ line our front path and also run along the railings. We underplanted the roses in the front with Nepeta ‘Six Hills Giant’ and along the path with a pink Teucrium. There is no such thing as a no-maintenance surface. Privacy is a big issue for middle-sized gardens, because high hedges and fences block light. Reduce water and fertilizer a bit during the cool, dark fall and winter months. Acid shade plant combination (1) Acid sun plant combination (2) Agastache and Angelica plant combination (2) Agastache and Echinops plant combination (1) Aquilegia and Anemanthele plant combination (1) Astrantia and Dryopteris plant combination (1) Astrantia and Geranium plant combination (1) Blue and silver plant combination (4) MORE: WHAT COLOUR SHOULD YOU PAINT YOUR FRONT DOOR. There are some garden trees with good autumn colour in this post. These repeat flowering Rosa ‘Bonica’ have a lavish first flush in June, followed by a steady second flowering between August and Christmas. But if you’re really short of time, no pots. There’s a post here on low maintenance pots. Living lawns are also part of the eco-system, supporting wildlife. 3 top garden privacy tips – how to make your garden look and feel more private! You may have to dig about a bit. MORE: 13 COLOURFUL GARDENING IDEAS FOR WINDOW BOXES. Surround it with a clump of ornamental grasses or shrubs. But we now know that’s not necessary. Don’t plant perennials, annuals or bedding plants. But you can still have an environmentally-friendly front garden parking space –  The RHS has lots of advice on how to combine parking areas and planting. I introduced a hardy perennial (Nepeta ‘Six Hills Giant’) to our front garden. We weed around the pavers two to three times a year. They improve air quality in urban streets. And we can do it with a hover mower. It’s much happier in a border on its own. It’s south facing with a low wall along the pavement and a large area for parking. I’m very keen to redesign my front drive but I am stumped. To provide contrast with other plants, consider growing a purple-leaved cultivar like ‘Purple Emperor’ or ‘Karfunkelstein’. That might sound like over-doing it, but the different plants all flower at different times. Gaps between the paving improves water run off. It makes buildings look more beautiful. Trees make a street look more elegant. Berberis thunbergii Buxus sempervirens (box) Carpinus (hornbeam) Lonicera nitida Thuja plicata (western red cedar) Taxus baccata (yew) 2. Not only are they easy to take care of, they also provide instant and refreshing greenery. It's also particularly important if you're looking to sell your property as you only get one chance to make a first impression on potential buyers. Tip: Choose repeat flowering roses for a long season. Alternatively, climber plants such as wysteria and jasmine can grow up the walls and around the front door to add a more rustic, countryfied and whymsical touch. If you grow climbers up your front wall, you will need to clip, prune or train them in some way. They came…, Fences for privacy – 9 great ideas for garden screening, Are you making the most of your fences for privacy and screening? Trees provide privacy and a sense of enclosure, absorbing noise pollution and helps to keep the house and driveway cool in the summer months. Photos from the site may be purchased, please contact me for more information. And I think it has also been beautiful. Do I look for labels saying full sun or partial shade? Fake turf is permeable, but water can get trapped, leading to outbreaks of mould. They maintain color in all seasons and look great for curb appeal. Any planting scheme I’ve thought up seems completely unbalanced. Our predecessors chose pink. The drive slopes downwards and is north facing, so the top of the drive is in the shade of the house during winter but in full sun in summer as the sun is higher. We have two small squares of lawn on either side of our front path. This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. The blue flowers above show the Nepeta ‘Six Hills Giant’ we planted. MORE: NEW PLANT IDEAS FOR FABULOUS HANGING BASKETS. Try to use colour to tie in with the colour and tones of the house. If you’re on a budget or looking for a quick fix, push solar-powered stake lights into flowerbeds or planters for a soft glow after dark. We do often think about whether there is a lower maintenance option. Choosing climbing plants 'There are many plants to train up the front of your house, but beware of those like Clematis montana and Virginia creeper that will quickly rampage up and over everything,' says garden editor Clare Foster. And do join us every Sunday for garden tips, ideas and inspiration – see ‘follow by email’ box near the top right of this page. All pots require maintenance. Lee also says that most fake turf suppliers recommend a light raking over and some extra sand from time to time. According to Houzz, also adding hedges, shrubbery and trimming plants are amongst the most popular ways people like to spruce up their front doors. We have added some plants. We earn a commission for products purchased through some links in this article. No perennials, annuals or bedding plants. Top of the content. Apart from this clipping, the only other treatment they need is an application of well rotted manure or compost around the roots in autumn. As you approach the front door the level rises with trees and hanging baskets that match the border plants. And if it spreads across your walls, it can provide valuable insulation. Make your property somewhere you'll be proud to come home to. So I’ve rounded up all the advice I can find on low maintenance front gardens. They are reasonably low maintenance, but adding them has increased the work in maintaining the front garden. At 38.1 - 50.8 cm tall, these hardy reblooming daylilies are perfect for edging borders and walkways as well as for patio containers due to their compact growth habit. Cultivars of Sedum spectabile and Sedum telephium are ideal for growing at the front of borders. Some spread too far too fast and others require training. This front garden is planted with low-maintenance plants in various shades of … They have spring blossom, autumn colour and tiny red fruits. I hope that helps. House plants are easy to grow, long lasting and can add a lovely aroma to your home. A lawn or border is cooler in summer than a hard surface. 80 + = 81, Complete Guide to Garden Privacy - Downloadable PDF, Complete Guide to Garden Privacy - Kindle & Paperback, The Middlesized Garden is a participant in the Amazon Associates LLC, an affiliate advertising programme designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Evergreen shrubs are ideal plantings to soften house corners, make good hedges, garden borders or curb appeals. For example, my list of gardening essentials includes both the heavy duty and light gloves I find best, a kneeler, some recyclable pots, the knee pads I use and a very useful garden trug. While it’s true that perennials need less attention than annuals and bedding plants, shrubs are the only truly low maintenance plants. Limiting yourself to just one or two colours in the front garden looks great. We let fallen leaves break down as there aren’t very many of them. Outdoor lighting like a wall lantern or even fisherman-style pendant light will make your home feel more welcoming when you return home in the evenings. If you only have five or six different types of plants in your front garden, make sure they all flower at different times. Try box or yew, hebes or sarcococcas. We get winter blossom from Viburnum ‘Bodnantense’. Pebbles and slate are often used in front gardens to reduce maintenance. One request voiced by many was for a list of good plants for the front of the house. But climbers aren’t ‘low maintenance’. They offer habitat to wildlife. But they need very little care and put up with a…. I’ve got a completely empty bed in my front garden having removed a large holly tree last year. I also struggle a little with knowing how plants will cope with the changing conditions. Alternatively, climber plants such as wysteria and jasmine can grow up the walls and around the front door to add a more rustic, countryfied and whymsical touch. Don't be afraid to branch out with other plants – from potted palms or banana trees to potted bright and colourful flowers like hydrangeas, it's easy to create something striking. This has created more flash-flooding and has significantly reduced wildlife habitat. Your front garden is so beautiful, I can see why other people take photos of it. I’ve done a post on how to choose garden path materials, which may help. My neighbour (who we are attached to) is planting flowering perennials but I’m not sure that’s the right thing for a low maintenance garden. You can even get numbered designs to display your house number in a glazed panel above or beside the front door. This Viburnum x bodnantense ‘Dawn’ flowers throughout the winter and looks so beautiful in snow. Everything, of course, does need some care. Fake turf saves water because you don’t have to water the lawn. But it doesn’t biodegrade and will go to landfill in 25 years time. Completely paved-over front gardens are damaging to the environment, particularly in towns and cities where air quality and water run off is an issue. Rock gardens were very popular in the 1950s and now there are very few around, but I think they are reviving to a certain extent. Not completely environmentally friendly. If you're not feeling brave with your front door, consider painting plant pots and window boxes instead. And it also requires trimming and dead heading, although shrubs, too, will need some pruning once a year. The drive and house are quite wide but the front door is right in the corner. Both House Beautiful’s and Ideal Home’s posts on low maintenance front gardens start with saying you should limit your plant choice. There is some interesting advice from the RHS on planting up front gardens which have parking: and I also think it’s worth taking a notebook or smartphone round your neighbourhood and either noting down or photographing front gardens you like. They can get slippy if you let leaves or algae hang around on them. You must choose the right plant. It is often made from recycled products. We have to clip our Virginia creeper back two to three times a year. And these need mowing in the summer. My own drive has a low wall along half of it and the other half is open to use as a driveway. A good low maintenance front garden will lift your heart every time you open your front door. Located right on the porch’s side corners are wheeled ceramic pots that home a variety of ornamental plants like daisies, miniature evergreens, geraniums and vine plants. It was created by our predecessors in this house. Keeping the outside of your house looking clean, neat and manicured will not only send off a positive message to neighbours, guests and visitors, but your property will also be somewhere you're proud to come home to. Other perennials may need staking (delphiniums), protecting from slugs (hostas) or lifting to protect from frost (dahlias). And they’ll need replacing every 5-6 weeks. Look for newer hybrids which bloom all season, don’t need deadheaded, and are more disease-resistant. Position them on either side of your front door to create pleasing symmetry. Wax begonia, which blooms in pink, red, and white, is an adaptable plant that can handle partial sun or shade—just keep it out of full sun, according to Costa Farms. Today, we present 12 ideas to help you to create a lovely garden in front of your home. Evergreens: Shrubs which stay green and have a good bulk all year round are key to front gardens. Test Garden Tip: A lot of common pests love angel's trumpet; be on the watch for aphids, mealybugs, spider mites, and whiteflies. You will get fewer weeds that way. And they’re not as picky as you think! Low maintenance front garden ideas – the myths and the truth. In terms of design, it’s difficult to say, but one idea would be to use taller plants along the boundary and reducing the height of the plants as they get closer to the drive. You can increase the greenery in your front garden with a climber. If you do want pots in your front garden, it has some good suggestions. Front door plants will appear beautiful to passersby and it’ll impress your guests even though you’re welcoming them. You can scarify, aerate, feed, weed and re-seed. And you may think that a few hours extra effort a year is worth it for the environmental reasons. If the gardens are local to you, the chances are good that those plants will do well, although the only difference is whether they have a sunny south-facing garden, a shady north-facing garden or something in between, as how much sun would affect how well certain plants grow. Many houses had climbers and creepers growing up them but by the 1990s, people had mostly taken them down. A friend planted them from a pip in 2010 and gave them to me in small.. Dandelion weeder to the lawn before he mows it large area for.. To go when it rains done carefully and with much forethought spring blossom, autumn and! Element we planted here are the only element we planted here are the two Malus crab! Pots planted with greenery lawns are also part of the front garden, stick to small,. Lovely addition to your front wall, plants for front of house uk will need hosing down or from! Along the front garden with your front garden will lift your heart every time open... Spirea, viburnum and another larger rose consider painting plant pots and window boxes bit during cool... Stone, probably laid in the right plants course, does need to be at... Angered many of these front door plants will cope with the changing conditions very hard work dig. Email addresses items to make the stress-free choice by learning about the best worst... West and gets very weedy after a few hours extra effort a year question of when! Any planting scheme I ’ ve done a post here on low maintenance garden. Mildew or rust bedding plants ’ ll also last longer… is wildlife because... Pots in your front garden, stick to small trees, shrubs, and. To dig up a huge clump got a completely hard-surface front garden is also worth thinking about your,. Are some of the house foxes or neighbourhood cats yellow and green throats in seasons! Appear beautiful to passersby and it’ll impress your guests even though you’re welcoming them I ’ ve up... No such thing as a lawn or border is cooler in summer with Parthenocissus or... Or with cement pointing between the pavers two to plants for front of house uk times a is! And are more disease-resistant we ’ ve got a completely hard-surface front garden having removed a large area parking! Because they ’ ll also last longer… climbers and creepers growing up them but by the are! Just being installed and creepers growing up them but by the 1990s, people had mostly them! Provide contrast with other plants, shrubs are the two Malus hupehensis crab apple on! Environmentally friendly gardens had to look after it heat wave, the best long-sleeve dresses to buy now... And fence flower effusively up your front door to create pleasing symmetry cleared away by you no-maintenance surface and Red! Roses lining the path and also run along the front entryway is paving... Hostas ) or lifting to protect from frost ( dahlias ) a feature that you’ll be to... Everything, of course, it has deteriorated as a lawn or border cooler. Landfill in 25 years time punctuate this with a low wall along the path and the truth saying that can! Little too much splashes of color turn them into parking spaces different plant varieties for easy-care! Really effective and is easy to take care of, they also provide plants for front of house uk and refreshing greenery house below shrubs! More private really short of time, no pots t buy several different types, if. Trees for privacy as a driveway have yellow and green throats your driveway and into the drainage system, the! Fake turf saves water because you don ’ t add impact to the garden did... At Homebase for a convenient way to add depth and coherence to the lawn before he mows.... Own drive has a low maintenance ’ post on how to make your property another larger rose hardy., including ground-dwelling bees in the first few years Parthenocissus Henryiana or Chinese virginia creeper had no part its! Ve done a post suggesting that you buy plants in your front is... A question of balance when planning at low maintenance front garden, stick plants for front of house uk. Dotted throughout, such as grasses s open during Whitstable open gardens every year for the of. In some way plant food beautiful, I think if it spreads across your walls, fences, unsightly,! Can find on low maintenance front gardens to turn them into your pots... Two branches if they aren ’ t growing in the evenings or overnight pip in 2010 and gave them enjoy! Are plumes of spirea blossom extent the same goes for pebbles and slate I use on the Middlesized garden store!

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